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Playground Safety Association of Malaysia (PSAM) was officially registered and established on 18th December 2013. The initial idea of the association was originally mooted back in 2012 during the first course of “Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) examinations conducted in Malaysia by the International Playground Safety Institute (IPSI) of the United States. The course was an eye opener to all the participants and observers, both with and without experience in the field of playground, on how little we know about playgrounds, and how much more is there to know in playgrounds.



 Create Greater Awareness on Playground safety and impart knowledge and information to decision makers of playground industry to enable better and safer playgrounds.

 Impart basic knowledge and information to members of the public (parents and caregivers) so they take a proactive effort to detect and rectify potential hazards at the site.

 Advocate for mandatory post-installation inspection (preferably by qualified independent personnel) to ensure playgrounds meet proper safety requirements before opening to users.

 Ensure that the latest safety standards and practices for all aspects of playgrounds in Malaysia are adopted to ensure our countries recreational facilities are up to the latest international requirements.

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