OCTOBER 2016: Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course and Exam (CPSI) – 2016

Thank you all and it has been a great success. I feel you have turned a corner and by building a good base of new and recertified CPSIs you should be able to continue to spread the PSAM work load to grow the program.

You have some good advocates in the area of research and consumer public awareness and education to tap into to help spread the word of the importance of play, playgrounds and the management and best practices for safety of all. Local government and the playground related industry have a big responsibility to each do their part to manage these play areas in keep them as safe as necessary and as challenging as possible.

I look forward to returning in the near future to make new friends and get to know the old friends better. I hope PSAM can keep up the momentum. I would hope you can get some good publicity nationwide on the importance of play and PSAM’s role in making sure these playful places are safe for our children and grandchildren by raising the public’s awareness and training those responsible for designing, manufacturing, inspecting and maintaining these great places for kids.

Congratulations on a great training. Keep in touch on what is happening and there is no better time than now to set your goals for the coming spring. There is a lot to do and it will take your great PSAM team to make it happen.

Good bye for now and please share my thoughts and appreciation for all the hard work the course participants put into this program. I am sure they are all better for their hard work and as we told them, “You will never look at a playground the same way as you did after taking the CPSI Course.”
From Ken Kutska, CPSI
Executive Director,


This CPSI certification programme was conducted by International Playground Safety Institute (IPSI) and National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) of USA and PSAM. The course includes Pre-Course Tutorial, CPSI Course and Examination, Online Trial Exams and Playground Inspection Workshop Organized by PSAM Technical Event Committee and PLANTS with support from Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

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