Kick Off Pilot Project: MS 966 – Playground Equipment – Safety Performance For Public Use & MS 2665 – Playground Surfacing

Collaborative Partners for Pilot Project for MS 966:17 and MS2665:17 with JSM are as follows:

  • Standards Malaysia
  • Jabatan Landskap Negara
  • PSAM
  • MP Sepang
  • MD Kuala Selangor
  • Perbadanan Putrajaya
  • Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • KLCC Urusharta
  • DBKL

Congratulations to Jabatan Standards Malaysia(JSM), Jabatan Landskap Negara (JLN) and Playground Safety Association of Malaysia (PSAM) on the launching of the Pilot Project For MS 966:2017  and MS 2665:2017, with the objective of developing the regulatory procedures and standards of operations (SOP) in playground planning, design, implementation, management and operation (including maintenance) covering the entire playground lifecycle following the safety requirements contained in MS 966:17 (Playground Equipment) and MS2665:17 (Playground Surfacing).

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