Welcoming Address by PSAM President ( 2018/2020 )

The newly elected PSAM President, YBhg Dato’ Shahoran thanks the previous Committee Members for their contributions and good work done and continuous efforts by all to bring PSAM to a new level and to where it is today.

With the formation of the new government in-tow with its new caption “Malaysia Baru”, it is the main task of the newly elected Committee to make Playground Safety a national policy since it started five years ago, in 2013. PSAM will not jeopardize their journey of emphasizing safety in play areas. Other sectors have progressed so much so we must not neglect on this.

The PSAM President will also look into resolving the issues pertaining to the plan submitting person in any landscape projects and make sure that they are not caught up in any type of games. It is the collective effort by Landscape Architects, town planners, manufacturers, suppliers, individuals and users to progress simultaneously to put this children playground equipment safety policy in place. Where safety is concerned, there is no side line or short change. PSAM is not only being entrusted to look into the playground safety but also to make sure our members benefit from it as well. It can be done and it will be done in the right way.

Like  with  the inception  of  the  concept  of Putrajaya by  Malaysia Incorporated, PSAM must be part of this machinery and work hand-in-hand with all in order to move forward in this digital age. PSAM must find ways and means to make their presence felt. With that in mind, we must use all sorts of media channels to forge the cause of playground safety. Even as an NGO, we must function as part of the government’s machinery. All industry players are our partners in this. PSAM welcomes all suggestions to make this journey better and successful especially with the formation of zones ( Utara, Selatan, Sarawak, Sabah, etc ) which might be facing problems peculiar to their respective zones only. Depending on our financial situation, we can schedule our upcoming Council Meetings in the various zones. Nothing beats being there and experiencing it ourselves. We can achieve a lot through direct interactions with the respective relevant authorities, which will greatly contribute to our presence being felt nationwide.

Time is not on our side so we must act promptly to avoid any serious injuries in a play facility, including death. Media is not only for political mileage. We can leverage on it to help us reach out to the Community.

Jabatan Standard Malaysia and Biro Pengaduan Awam are fast moving ahead on the Malaysian Standard (MS) on play equipment (MS966), flooring (MS2665), etc but it will be meaningless if not being enforced. Enforcement means money. Since the enforcement of safety compliant children playground equipment can be costly, we can consider doing it through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. This can be moved on with individual Council Members. The PSAM President stresses that for the good of the nation and future generation, nobody is indispensable and that everyone involved must support and make constructive criticism on all matters. PSAM must be prepared for these otherwise, we will have a lot to chew. There are ways and means to overcome shortfalls of any kind like manpower, finance, etc.

Remember….. “Children of today are leaders of tomorrow” Please make sure that the leaders of tomorrow are well developed and tak sakit otak, tak ada gangguan pemikiran, which might have been sustained from a fall 20 years ago….

In his closing remark, the PSAM President reminded all PSAM members to reach for the sky even though PSAM itself is extremely junior among all NGOs but it is MOST IMPORTANT. Do our BEST, don’t take things easy. Work on strategies and fundamentals.

The PSAM President also note that another key Ministry we can work with is the Ministry of Women and Family Development where the Minister  in- charge is the Deputy Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan  Ismail.  He suggested that the new Council Members must work on paying a working visit to Persyarikatan Malaysia ( Malaysia Incorporated ) and also a courtesy call to the newly elected Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is the Chief Architect of Putrajaya.

The Annual General Meeting ended at 2pm on 29 July 2018.

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