Safety Audit

PSAM offers safety audits for post-installation playground sites, be it an old existing site or a newly installed playground.

Post Installation safety audits are the best manner of securing your playground site to ensure that they are safe for use. This is because even procuring certified equipment or sourcing from ISO and SIRIM safety certificated suppliers cannot ensure that playground sites are safe for play, as each site is unique, coupled with possible factors of design failure, installation mistake, site environmental irregularities or equipment placement errors.

A post-installation safety audit will examine every component and equipment at the site to ensure they comply with the international safety standards.

Upon engagement, PSAM will send one or more of the CPSIs (depending on the size of the playground) to site to inspect the equipment and site. Clients will receive a confidential report on all non-compliance and risk hazards, where clients then can access their next course of corrective action required.

A safety audit conducted also ensure that playground equipment owners exercise due care in ensuring their equipment are safe for use in circumstances of accidents or injuries at the playground.

Download Audit Brochure in PDF format here.



PSAM offers independent, non biased consultancy and advisory services to interested clients, from the start to ensure that playground is done right, from planning the type of equipment to be placed, provide analytical evaluation on suppliers’ proposals, assist in client’s tendering process and technical review, supervising the installation process to conducting a post-installation safety audit on site.

For older existing playgrounds, PSAM can assist in generating feasibility reports on its state of condition ranging from its safety conformance, hazard risk, expected durability and performance, on whether equipment must be replacement, and on what equipment or components that may be salvaged and cost estimation for repairs and refurbishment.

Ongoing Program

Talks & Seminars

PSAM conducts and arranges playground safety workshops and seminars to help improve the participant’s technical and informative knowledge on playground safety.

On specific arrangements, PSAM can provide a representative to present talks and paper on playground safety and related issues during clients own seminars, to extend the awareness and knowledge on playground safety to the targeted audience.

Schedule of Rates

The rates for services provided by PSAM are as below:


Schedule of Rates for Services provided by PSAM per Recommended by PSAM Technical Services Committee

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